Welcome to tax2tree’s documentation!


Welcome to tax2tree’s documentation!

Downloading tax2tree: Latest stable release

You can download the latest stable release of tax2tree here.

Downloading tax2tree: Development version

If you’d like to access the current development version of tax2tree, you can checkout the subversion repository with:

svn co tax2tree

Installing tax2tree

Notes on installing tax2tree can be found here.

About tax2tree

The tax2tree software package was developed in collaboration with Greengenes for the purpose of transferring a taxonomy from one tree to another. Specifically, the motivation was to reduce the manual curation effort necessary for each release of Greengenes by automating the decoration of taxonomy.

Citing tax2tree

If you make use of tax2tree in a published work, please cite:

An improved Greengenes taxonomy with explicit ranks for ecological and evolutionary analyses of bacteria and archaea. Daniel McDonald, Morgan N Price, Julia Goodrich, Eric P Nawrocki, Todd Z DeSantis, Alexander Probst, Gary L Andersen, Rob Knight and Philip Hugenholtz. December 1, 2011, doi:10.1038/ismej.2011.139. The ISME Journal 6: 610-618.

Need Help?

For help with tax2tree, please contact Daniel McDonald.